Fuji Fabric – Kinen Shashin (Live)

Here’s a band I discovered when looking for more Base Ball Bear albums. I really liked their sound and this was the first song I really got into. Kinen is the word for Memory and Shashin is Photograph. I’m not sure how that translates, but that’s the general meaning.

This song is off their third album – TEENAGER



2 Responses to Fuji Fabric – Kinen Shashin (Live)

  1. Zelkova says:

    Hey David not sure if your into Utada Hikaru but she had a new album come out..if your interested..

  2. MattVanderhandel says:

    An Anime I would like to recommend is Toradora! it just recently finish but it is a good romantic/comedy. the music is good and the series is awesome

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