So yeah, Library Wars


I just started watching an Anime called Toshokan Sensou or Library Wars. It’s about a time when media is heavily regulated. Books are outlawed by government and military. To combat this, librarians form their own military. Kasahara is so moved by an event in high school in which one of her favorite books was saved that she joins the force.

I like it so far. Kasahara is goofy and there seems to be a relationship brewing already. I’ll be interested in where they go with the combat.

I always find it amazing what the Japanese will make into an Anime next. I remember when I first started watching Yakitate Japan!, an Anime about a boy who’s passion is making bread. It was really good too. 



2 Responses to So yeah, Library Wars

  1. loginnameperson says:

    Seems like a Fahrenheit 451 type of ordeal. I might check this Anime out…

  2. ED says:

    Ha! I thought I was the only person who has ever seen this anime! I liked it, a lot. The ending was awesome, and there is an OVA as well, but it’s not canon, which was a bummer for me.
    You should check out Eden of the East. An anime by IG – the guys behind Ghost in the Shell.

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