I Can’t Decide If I Like Erina

Seriously, I like cute things, but she seems a little forced and unreal. What do you think?

2nd Single

3rd Single



One Response to I Can’t Decide If I Like Erina

  1. Atron says:

    I think Mano Erina can be pretty cute when she wants to be. During Concerts she is very cute and energetic. I just think when they make her do MV the directors sort of force to much cute out of her so thats when you get this forced cuteness vibe form her.

    But she is going to a big influence for Hello Project if they are going to be successful or not in the future. Tsunku portrays her as the next Matsuura Aya of H!P so I guess you can say a lot is riding on her shoulders (when there shouldn’t be in my opinion).

    I wish her all the success though, and her new single Haru no Arashi is really good step into the right direction. Hopefully the MV is good.

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