SMAP – Bang! Bang!

You know which of my favorite games this song is from?



3 Responses to SMAP – Bang! Bang!

  1. Zeranium says:

    Ouendan 2! 😀
    I think it sounds much better when girls are singing it, though.

  2. Atron says:

    I prefer the ouendan version of this song compared to the tone deaf group of SMAP

    or maybe its just Nakai thats tone deaf.

  3. Ender's Girl says:

    lol, thanks for posting this! =D it kind of made my day.

    only nakai is horribly, hopelessly tone-deaf. the rest of the dudes can carry a tune, esp. kimura and goro.

    jpop art and pink hearts and psychedelic rainbows, oh wow! ahloveeeeht! XD

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