2010 akb48 senbatsu selection and new single

for those who aren’t familiar with what senbatsu is, it literally means ‘selection’ or ‘pick’.  once in a while the management decides to give some control to the fans of akb48 to choose who gets to be the performers in the next big single.  the fans with money at least.

with so many girls in akb, it’s almost impossible to include all of them in performances or PVs without making it a giant mess.  so what they’ve done is let the fans select their favorite members, and the top 21 get to be in the video and represent the single.

fans get to vote either by purchasing their latest single or by being a subscriber to an official akb/ske fan group.  apparently there’s no limit to how many times a person can vote through buying a single, so it’s been known that hardcore fans would buy tons of copies in order to give their favorite member more votes.

many people groan whenever senbatsu elections are announced, and i personally don’t feel like it’s the greatest way to go about things, but it’s out of my hands and it is what it is.

popular members like takahashi minami, oshima yuko, maeda atsuko and a dozen other main-stays will be in there for sure.  members who are on the fence or aren’t so popular that i’m hoping to be selected for senbatsu are posted after the jump!  plus some info on their next single.

Miyazaki Miho:

Sashihara Rino:

Sato Amina:

Takajyo Aki:

Kitahara Rie:

Matsui Rena:

crossing my fingers that they get in!

in other news, ‘Ponytail to Shoushou’ will be their latest single debuting may 26th.  “shoushou” is a hair-tie/scrunchie, hence the ponytails.  with their last two singles (River, Sakura no Shiori) akb48 transcended the niche audience and caught mainstream attention.  now it looks like they’re appeasing their original idol-loving fanbase now with a candy-filled, catchy song that is usually associated with idols.  some sources say the PV was already filmed in guam, and this picture from shinoda mariko’s blog seems to confirm it:

it’ll be interesting to see what this year’s singles will be like compared to 2009, since last year had some extremely popular songs, some being voted as the best in akb’s history.  hope this one will be a nice followup that will stand up as well as the others.


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