team dragon unit revealed and preview!

April 30, 2010

there was an announcement two weeks ago that a sub-unit of akb members(forming ‘team dragon’) would sing the ending theme song of anime Dragonball Kai.  the only member revealed with the announcement was takahashi minami.

now, all the members of team dragon are revealed!  with the picture above i’ve already revealed that kashiwagi yuki is in it.

click below to see who the other members are, and a preview of the song!

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Kara Invades Japan

April 30, 2010

Kara has recently announced their plans for debuting in japan this summer and they have wasted no time in kicking off the promotions with the release of 2 previous hit singles from korea “Honey” and “pretty Girl” dubbed in Japanese. These Girls are pretty popular in Korea and its going to be interesting to see how their Kpop persona’s and sounds will influence the Japanese audience this summer. I know that they already have a pretty big fan base in japan even though they have barely have done any promotion work over there. Hearing these songs in japanese is so weird as I am use to hearing these songs in Korean.The MV are just the original MV from korea dubbed in japanese, hence the awkward mouth moving.I am real big fan of these girls and I hope they do very well in the land of the rising sun.

I actually think I am more addicted to the Japanese version of honey then the Korean one


the appeal of idols

April 29, 2010

i’m no expert on japanese culture.  i read manga and watched anime occasionally, but selectively.  my knowledge of japanese cinema boiled down to critically acclaimed old-timer directors like akira kurosawa and yasujiro ozu, campy pop films like ‘death note’ and ‘battle royale’, or recommended films like ‘nobody knows’ and ‘linda linda linda’.  my japanese music collection were usually bands that i ran into or given to me by friends.  most of what i saw from japan were acknowledged internationally, but i’ve never gone deeper than that.

sure, coming from a korean background, japan never felt super-foreign to me;  my grandfather grew up during the japanese occupation.  he taught me a lot of the japanese i know and we’d watch variety shows together on television when i was younger.  but there was one thing that was totally foreign to me until recently.  idol groups.  specifically, akb48.

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The Girl Who I’ll Get A Picture With…

April 28, 2010

Before Daikenjo,


Sorry to crush your dreams Dai,

That’s Not Even Right

April 28, 2010

Forget that the video is backwards.
Just know that you can’t do this to guys. It’s messed up.
Oh by the way, I think the three of us are going to Anime Expo to see AKB48 in July.


New Stereopony Single

April 28, 2010

I’m sure David is excited for the new Stereopony Single. The song is titled Overdrive and I am liking what i’m hearing. It seems like a very fun and fresh song, and I can tell the band must have had a blast recording single.

Single will be dropping May 12

P.S –  Aimi is looking pretty as always~

AKB48 does kagome vegetable drink CM

April 27, 2010

while it may not be big news, one can say this CM indicates the growing solidification of akb’s influence on japanese media.  akb48 participating in CMs have been a bit sparse, a few here and there; the only large CM they have done was for AOKI suits with the release of their last single ‘sakura no shiori’.  a vegetable drink isn’t much, but it seems to be more widely spread and has a less “we’re akb48! pay attention to us!” attitude, which can signify that they’re becoming more comfortable appearing in these ads without pointing to themselves as an up-and-coming idol group.

miyazawa sae with said drink

this could lead to more mainstream opportunities for the group.  here’s a video of the CM being showcased on a tv program: