Kimura Kaela – You bet!

You ever have a song that you just can’t stand? It’s popular and keeps getting played. Then for some reason, it grows on you?

That’s this song. Kimura Kaela wasn’t always this oddball. Even though she’s been like this for a while, when she first started she looked like a normal upbeat chirpy pop star. I’ve always found the image shift to be off and kinda annoying, but that’s what she’s known for now and what makes her popular. Musically I couldn’t care less how she dressed except that everything blends together and image influences music. I feel that, even maybe unjustly, that she uses more her image to sell her music.

So this has always been a roadblock in me accepting her music. For some reason though, this song has been able to push through it. I’m still trying to figure out why.

Here’s the PV Full Version

Watch PV Version


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