kojima haruna and takahashi minami of akb48 were guests in the television show ‘DERO!’, where the contestants are locked in a death trap and their only hope for release is to solve various puzzles.  here are condensed clips of two stages shown in ‘DERO!” :

stage one: three contestants must balance over a bottomless pit while solving pictorial problems.  the catch is that the beam they are balancing on is slowly disappearing into the wall, and the only way to stop it is to answer correctly as soon as possible to avoid falling.

stage two: two shackled contestants in a room must solve a chain of puzzles in their environment that will ultimately lead to their release.  the catch is that the ceiling is slowly closing down on them, and they must solve all the puzzles before it crushes them.

even if the circumstances aren’t real, the amount of effort put into making these rooms look dangerous make it just real enough to make you panic.


One Response to DERO!

  1. RandomPasserBy says:

    Oh I love Dero! It’s such an awesome show!

    And you missed one stage…
    Stage 2 was actually Takamina having to answer questions before she sunk completely into the bit of soy things.
    While stage 3 was the lowering ceiling.

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