it’s been a while since i’ve been enamored with an anime series.  the last series i’ve kept up with was Minami-ke season 2: Okaeri, which aired early 2009.  since then i’ve only watched the two Evangelion films that had come out, not looking at any new titles.

it’s been a substantial break, and i’ve been feeling completely out of touch with the current anime scene; not that i ever was.  i’ve never been one to meticulously follow a bunch of series, as i’m extremely picky.  i usually pick one that i find is exceptionally interesting or attractive and stick with that one from beginning to end.  i’ve never been able to follow more than two series at a time, and even two is enough to divide my attention and focus.  anyways, i’ve decided to start watching again and pick a series to watch.  it’s exciting to look at the colorful array of new titles to choose from; it’s like being in a candy store, albeit a confusing and convoluted one.

even though i’ve been out of it for a while, one thing i have noticed in the past few years is the sudden surge of ‘slice of life’ highschool-themed anime; following in the footsteps of Azumanga Daioh, but with a more grounded layer of realism, as is the trend with everything nowdays.  it was never a genre that i had any interest in until i watched the insanely popular Lucky Star that led me to seek more titles in that vein; its light-hearted tone and easily digestible episodes quickly became addictive, as much as i resisted giving into its charms.  yes, i watched Lucky Star before Azumanga Daioh.  and it seems this genre still has a firm grip on me, as the first title i chose to watch after my hiatus was ‘K-ON!’.

i’ve always leaned towards more ‘heavy’ anime titles like Serial Experiments: Lain, Last Exile, and Bokurano; dark and foreboding narratives can easily captivate me.  the fact that candy fluff like Lucky Star or Minami-ke captivated me just as easily was kind of embarrassing; but one must have balance i guess.

anyways, i’ve been checking some popular titles that seemed to pass under my radar and i’ll be writing up some things for them soon.

soon, as in just an hour or two from now, since i just finished watching the first season of ‘K-ON!’ and i have plenty to say.


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