on a live broadcast on Ustream, sayumi michishige from morning musume had expressed that she was a big akb48 fan.  i heard about this before, but i never realized that this video would stir up a mess for the next couple days.

what’s surprising are the hateful comments that filled her blog just because of this.  not only has it stirred up fanboys in japan, but in the english-speaking community as well.  even on the youtube page of the video i just posted you can see paragraphs of insults from both sides.  comments quickly devolve from being about the video, to a platform for insults on messageboards, 2chan, and chatrooms alike.

“slanderous bitch, go join akb then”

“H!P idols seem more real than skAnKBitches48”

“finally, someone who can admit that they like akb”

“H!P is left with boring members”

“I can disown sayumi”

“we would be glad to take sayumi off your hands, join akb!”

internet bashing is nothing new, but i’m still surprised by some of the comments made. love and peace people, love and peace.


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