do, re-mi, do-mi-do MYAOOOOO!

July 30, 2010

miyazaki miho’s birthday barely squeezes in on the (second to the) last day of july to join the “awesome people born in july” club (of which i am also a member).  may her defiant, rebellious, arrogant self be in akb for years to come.



you’re cute, but the bowlegged shenanigans end now

July 29, 2010

smileage had a new single released yesterday,’ganbaranakutemo enende!!’, and it’s a cute song.

there is one thing i have ask though:  what’s up with the bowlegged dancing?

here is the dance routine for their new single below:

now i’ve seen it before in their last single’s dance routine, but shrugged it off as a one-time thing.

their last single’s dance routine below:

i may be blowing it out of proportion, but what about that particular move/pose/whatever-it-is, is so awesome that the dance choreographer uses it twice in a row?  this isn’t some standard arm swaying or bouncing on your heels; this is a very specific, deliberate dance move that had to have risen a few eyebrows.  or did it?  am i out of touch with what counts as cute around here?  it’s unique but i think it’s bizarre, in the not-good kind of way.

i get it; the dance routine for ‘enende’ is because of the chaplin-inspired PV, and his trademark is his bowlegged posture and his cane.  but why exactly is it chaplin-inspired?  i bet you anything in the world that it’s because the dance choreographer was just itching to insert more bowleggedness into their dance routine, that dastardly bastard.

stop these bowlegged shenanigans sirs, i implores you!

heavy rotation PV

July 29, 2010

the song is sounding better each time i hear it.  i love the dance choreography.  the PV is fun, cute, and sexy.  UH-OH, i said the “s” word!

fun, cute and sexy except for people like atron who would probably be opposed to women walking around with their ankles showing had he been born during colonial america.  ’cause ankle-baring is downright hookerish.



July 27, 2010

For my friend David, To answer your question about the latest Mano Erina Music. The new single is more on the rock sound. A mixture of S/mileage and Buono you could say.

I think it sounds amazing. Your thoughts?

Man Mano

July 27, 2010

For my friend Dae, who was unsure which songs I was talking about.

2nd Single

3rd Single

Have her more recent songs been like this?

just a small update.

July 27, 2010

A6 has been revealed to the public.

takahashi minami has a 4-minute solo song.

she wields a light-saber throughout.

best stage.

kojima haruna, 13 years old

July 27, 2010

i knew before joining akb48, kojima haruna had gigs on tv advertising products, but i’ve never seen this one: