last month was a bit hectic so i wasn’t able to check out GO!GO!7188’s new album, ‘Go!!GO!GO!Go!!'(came out june 2nd).

the way they craft their songs is still inventive and godly.  more songs to add to my favorite list, and already reaching ‘classic’ status.  i love it when i come across albums like this.

they’re one of the few rock bands left that give off raw, authentic energy.  i will see them live.

i don’t mind that it’s almost always their more poppy songs that get to have a music video, but there are definitely better tracks in the album than this one.  that said, i still love this song.

mayakashii no sekai (make believe world)


One Response to Go!!GO!GO!Go!!

  1. ChubbY says:

    Nice oO
    You should check “Bump of Chicken” if you haven’t.
    Probably my favorite band out there.

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