seriously rock n’ roll

i’ll admit it now, ‘majisuka rock n’ roll’ is one of my favorite songs from akb.  it’s easily overlooked because it’s just an opening song for the drama ‘majisuka gakuen’, but it’s a song i can hear over and over again.  it’s fast, fun, and upbeat while not relying on cheezy idol synths; it’s a nice departure from what we expect idol music to sound like, while still being idol music.

this performance is particularly great; it was the last song they performed as an encore at yokohama arena.  there’s tons of great little moments you can spot from the performers and the girls playing around in the background. find them all!


2 Responses to seriously rock n’ roll

  1. ChubbY says:

    Lol, when I first heard of “majisuka gakuen” I thought it would be something good as the movies “Crows Zero”.
    Damn I was disappointed hahaha, but at least it was some entertainment in there.

  2. dae lee says:

    haha well, if majisuka gakuen was directed by takashi miike like crows zero was, i bet it’d be pretty good too 😛

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