Gantz: in real life!

those of you who heard the news about the two-parter live action film based on the popular manga and anime series ‘Gantz’, you’ll be glad to hear the first film is on it’s way to release on january, 2011.

live action adaptations of anime in japan always tend to be direct-to-dvd quality with popular names and little talent, but that has its own b-movie charm so i may check it out.

here’s a trailer below:


One Response to Gantz: in real life!

  1. ChubbY says:

    This is a B-movie…
    Holy shit, what is Robo-Geisha then? hahaha
    Still have Mutant Girl Squad something to wait for and there was another movie, but can’t remember…
    Oh well, I still have to watch or read Gantz, because I saw someone recommend it if you liked Battle Royale (manga).
    God I love B-movies (gore).. Robo-Geisha had building bleeding from it when a transformer house (lol) crushed a part of house standing.

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