August 31, 2010

KNU23.  Keep Natural Under.

16 gravure idols, schoolgirl theme, live performances, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.


and while we’re at it, let’s just plug KISS&KISS in as well.  i knew about them before but didn’t post it because it didn’t copy the “XXX##” name format, but watch.

this isn’t as blatant a copycat, but tell me you didn’t see a poor man’s takahashi minami and itano tomomi in that video.  eh oh el!


french kiss: zutto mae kara PV

August 31, 2010

AKB48’s newest subunit ‘french kiss’, with members kashiwagi yuki, takajyo aki, and kuramochi asuka, are set to have their first single release on september 8th called ‘zutto mae kara’.

it’s clear why they would choose a name like ‘french kiss’ because from an outsider’s point of view it seems like two great words to put together, but i doubt they know what a french kiss actually means…or they figured most people in japan wouldn’t know.

the news of this group had been around for a while but i honestly haven’t been paying attention until i came across the PV.

i’m glad i did because this is a great song, and the PV adds the sappy drama we loved seeing in the old days.

kashiwagi has one of my favorite singing voices, so i’m glad she has a subunit to showcase it; and it was great to hear takajyo and kuramochi have plenty of solo lines.  their voices may not be as diverse as No3b’s but they compliment each other pretty well.

but their performing outfits, however…

i’m not a fan of the outdated, short poof skirts.  i wouldn’t mind if that fashion trend disappeared from idol-dom forever.  especially H!P (i’m looking at you s/mileage).


August 31, 2010

the official blog finally revealed details about a new section of the akb48 theater seats; the section for overseas fans(SUPER ENPOU).  great news, but we were wary about where in the theater the seats would be.

well it looks like we had nothing to be worried about at all, as the SUPER ENPOU section is along the left side of the stage in the FIRST ROW.  we went from being completely unrecognized to extremely spoiled practically overnight.  my worries about going to japan and not getting into a theater show have been eased a little.


August 28, 2010

the ghibli medley performance which had the potential to be something fun ended up being lackluster, and akb’s presence while morning musume performed ‘dekkai uchuu’ became fodder for the less graceful fans to start more flame wars.  one would think clear logic would prevail, but who was i to think it would?

in lighter news, the highlight performance goes to….

this is a fucking dance routine.

i want more performances like this, thanks!

momosu performs with akb for charity event on the 29th

August 26, 2010

i think the title says the bulk of this article.

they will be performing studio ghibli songs for a telethon charity event.  don’t know if they will actually perform songs together; but probably not. just having morning musume stand in the same area as akb is apparently exciting enough, as the MJ idol special proved.

wouldn’t it be cool if they did though?!  it’s fun to dream.

Footage From Anime Expo

August 26, 2010

too soon.

August 25, 2010

satoshi kon, the creator of many of my favorite anime and films, passed away on august 24th at 46 years old.  he was a pioneer in animation, pushing genres and blowing away stereotypes to create a broader and more versatile medium.  few were better than satoshi kon at showing us new ways animation could be utilized in different kinds of storytelling and characters.

‘perfect blue’, ‘millennium actress’, ‘tokyo godfathers’, ‘paprika’, and ‘paranoia agent’ make up his virtually flawless track record.  i had been looking forward to his latest work, ‘the dream machine’, for some time.  it’s unfortunate that he will be unable to oversee it from beginning to end; we have lost a true progressive too soon.

he left a final message, a letter of his thoughts which was translated by an ANN forum member.  click below; it’s a compelling read.

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