my eyes, they can’t take it

September 1, 2010

what is this, i don’t even…

as posted on the Anime News Network:

The anime studio Asahi Production has announced on Wednesday that it is launching the AGC38 project, which it describes as the first talent and entertainment unit composed of 38 female characters. In Asahi’s plans, this unit will perform for merchandise branding, in commercials, on television programs, and in virtual shops. Asahi is also hoping to develop anime and manga for these characters, but it will not limit AGC38 to just these forms of media.

Starting on September 11, Asahi will be auditioning voice actresses to play these characters at the Tokyo Anime Center in Tokyo’s Akihabara UDX Building. The auditions will be streamed live on the Ustream website. Starting on October 1, Asahi will debut five girls from AGC38 every week on the official website.

Another anime studio, Sunrise, is collaborating with ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G’s Magazine and Bandai Visual‘s music label subsidiary Lantis on a different idol project called Love Live! A Love Live! CD/DVD bundle shipped last month with an animated music video. AKB48, the entertainment unit composed of dozens of female singers, has been performing in Akihabara and creating hit songs for several years.

…you sure do love your acronyms and numbers japan.





too soon.

August 25, 2010

satoshi kon, the creator of many of my favorite anime and films, passed away on august 24th at 46 years old.  he was a pioneer in animation, pushing genres and blowing away stereotypes to create a broader and more versatile medium.  few were better than satoshi kon at showing us new ways animation could be utilized in different kinds of storytelling and characters.

‘perfect blue’, ‘millennium actress’, ‘tokyo godfathers’, ‘paprika’, and ‘paranoia agent’ make up his virtually flawless track record.  i had been looking forward to his latest work, ‘the dream machine’, for some time.  it’s unfortunate that he will be unable to oversee it from beginning to end; we have lost a true progressive too soon.

he left a final message, a letter of his thoughts which was translated by an ANN forum member.  click below; it’s a compelling read.

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wanna learn how to draw anime? this is the man to go to.

August 22, 2010

having trouble drawing?  this man is here to solve all your problems.

from naruto to an anime fight scene, this man can do it all with ease.

i don’t know where to begin; the pre-sketch that’s on the paper before he starts drawing, his wonky figures, poor likeness, or his zero knowledge of anything that he’s drawing.

the nerd car of my dreams

August 20, 2010

it’s both a blessing and a curse that i’ve come across these images.  a blessing because it’s a fantasy of mine turned into reality, but a curse because some fan as devoted as i am had the balls and money to carry it out while i sit here in the dark typing on a computer.

what am i talking about?  a cherry red ferrari devoted to asuka langley soryuu.

click here for more pictures.

FYI, asuka is my favorite anime character of all time, from my favorite anime series of all time.

the time. all of it.

Gantz: in real life!

July 21, 2010

those of you who heard the news about the two-parter live action film based on the popular manga and anime series ‘Gantz’, you’ll be glad to hear the first film is on it’s way to release on january, 2011.

live action adaptations of anime in japan always tend to be direct-to-dvd quality with popular names and little talent, but that has its own b-movie charm so i may check it out.

here’s a trailer below:

Watarirouka Hashiritai

June 17, 2010

for those who don’t know, ‘watarirouka hashiritai’ is a subgroup created in 2009 consisting of members watanabe mayu, ohta aika, nakagawa haruka, hirajima natsumi, and kikuchi ayaka.

(debut single ‘hatsukoi dash’)

what’s interesting is that this was announced by akimoto yasushi to be a reincarnation of his subgroup that existed with ‘onyanko club’, called ‘ushirogami hikaretai’.  just as akb48 was his successor to onkyanko club, it seems yasushi was nostalgic for his old subgroups as well.  perhaps we can expect a modern version of ‘ushiroyubi sasaregumi’ sometime.

many of the members themselves are big fans of anime, and it’s clear that they cater to that audience.  they’ve already provided songs for the anime ‘fairy tale’ and anime adaptation of the video game ‘blue dragon’.

(‘akkanbe bashi’)

their popularity has been growing steadily through the past year or so, having debuted with 10th place on the oricon charts, to nabbing the number one spot with their first 2010 single, ‘akkanbe bashi’, selling double the number of singles.

to say they are cute would be the understatement of the year.  their songs are saturated with sugar and fluff, but occasionally they provide interesting lyrics or musical choices that differentiate them from other bands that provide a similar sound.

(kanpeki gu-no ne)

my favorite single by them so far has to be ‘kanpeki gu-no ne’.  it has great energy, dance, and lyrics that supplement each other very well.

i’m not someone who enjoys and seeks out cute songs, so i think it says something when a group like watarirouka hashiritai can make me enjoy them.  maybe more than i should.

well, the main reason for this post was to show their newly released PV for their latest single, ‘seishun no flag’, which translates roughly to ‘flag of youth’.  it’s not blowing me away, but time will tell.  here it is!

(seishun no flag)

Things to do before AX

June 11, 2010

In anticipation for AX I am going to compile a list of anime series that I want to revisit/watch before I head to LA at the end of the month. So far this is my list~

K-on (both seasons)
One piece
Angel Beats!
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
Kimi ni Todoke
Spice & Wolf
Soul Eater
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (second season)
White album

I will try my best and finish/get up to date with these series. I have 20 days left, Can I do it?

P.S anyone else got any suggestions?