Cyborg Maeda Atsuko Interests Me.

September 30, 2010

When word was out that Maeda Atsuko was going to have a significant role in an upcoming drama called ‘Q10’, I didn’t bat an eye.  It was probably bound to happen, with her consistent popularity.

It wasn’t until I came across this picture that I started to pay attention:

Yes, that is Atsuko: as a robot.  And yes, I fall into the undying cliche of finding robots endlessly fascinating, especially those in the form of attractive females.  From what I’ve gathered, the drama is about a high school boy who encounters a strange girl who is revealed to be a cyborg.  Expect shenanigans, hilarious oddities and awkward situations to unfold as the boy inevitably starts falling for the extremely cute android.

Rumor has it there will be a kiss scene between the two and it will, of course, make me an unreasonably harsh critic on the male actor who plays the protagonist.  I’m totally better looking and better suited to play the protagonist, but you know, whatever.

Robot girl played by an idol from my favorite girl group got my attention.  It premieres October 16th; hope there’s a team out there planning to sub this!

Here’s a short CM below:


my eyes, they can’t take it

September 1, 2010

what is this, i don’t even…

as posted on the Anime News Network:

The anime studio Asahi Production has announced on Wednesday that it is launching the AGC38 project, which it describes as the first talent and entertainment unit composed of 38 female characters. In Asahi’s plans, this unit will perform for merchandise branding, in commercials, on television programs, and in virtual shops. Asahi is also hoping to develop anime and manga for these characters, but it will not limit AGC38 to just these forms of media.

Starting on September 11, Asahi will be auditioning voice actresses to play these characters at the Tokyo Anime Center in Tokyo’s Akihabara UDX Building. The auditions will be streamed live on the Ustream website. Starting on October 1, Asahi will debut five girls from AGC38 every week on the official website.

Another anime studio, Sunrise, is collaborating with ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G’s Magazine and Bandai Visual‘s music label subsidiary Lantis on a different idol project called Love Live! A Love Live! CD/DVD bundle shipped last month with an animated music video. AKB48, the entertainment unit composed of dozens of female singers, has been performing in Akihabara and creating hit songs for several years.

…you sure do love your acronyms and numbers japan.





August 31, 2010

KNU23.  Keep Natural Under.

16 gravure idols, schoolgirl theme, live performances, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.


and while we’re at it, let’s just plug KISS&KISS in as well.  i knew about them before but didn’t post it because it didn’t copy the “XXX##” name format, but watch.

this isn’t as blatant a copycat, but tell me you didn’t see a poor man’s takahashi minami and itano tomomi in that video.  eh oh el!

i’m not going to be surprised anymore.

August 25, 2010

SKL39, ENK48, AKBN 0, and now?

VKB428, self-proclaimed hottest new thing in town.  i mean the name…doesn’t it just sound popular??

standing for Visual Kei Boys, not only do they do the three consonants followed by a number, but each consonant stands for a team as well.  seven members for now, they claim they will get bigger and perform live in a shibuya theater every week.  sound familiar?  looks like copycats are getting more and more shameless by the batch.

i know what you’re thinking.

August 24, 2010

you’re thinking, “man, i have no idea what to get my friend for christmas.”

well get ready to thank me, cause i have the answer to all your holiday shopping problems.

i present to you:


it’s like mahjong, but instead of pesky, hard-to-remember chinese characters and abstract symbols, you get pictures of AKB48 members!  even an idiot can play! (as long as you know all the members)

they go on sale this december 4th for only 6,300 yen, so preorder yours now for your friends and family!

made by your friends at bandai!

wanna learn how to draw anime? this is the man to go to.

August 22, 2010

having trouble drawing?  this man is here to solve all your problems.

from naruto to an anime fight scene, this man can do it all with ease.

i don’t know where to begin; the pre-sketch that’s on the paper before he starts drawing, his wonky figures, poor likeness, or his zero knowledge of anything that he’s drawing.

krazy team k

August 21, 2010

i was looking through my old archives of random AKB material and this little gem popped up;  i thought i should share it with you all.

sayaka and oshima shenanigans are second to none.