AKB48 Goes on an Uploading Spree.

September 30, 2010

I took a look at the official AKB48 Youtube channel today and was faced with nearly 20 new videos, uploaded just a few hours ago.  AKB used to do these short, little segments where they would act out a specific situation with the camera (the camera is usually the POV of a love interest), varying from tame(wishing a happy birthday) to blunt(requesting a kiss).  Whether you find them cute or strange, they were interesting projects and remind me now of the upcoming PSP game, which will probably be full of videos like these.

Here are a few that I picked out:

Miyazawa Sae and Ono Erena/”Congratulations”

Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino/”I like you”

You can see the rest at the official channel.


AKB48 has official youtube channel

September 9, 2010

about time they made this.  we no longer have to scrounge around looking for music videos and praying they’ll stick around for a while before they inevitably get taken down.

and as someone who likes to blog about videos, it’s a godsend.

that means i can do this!

and this!

and i don’t have to worry about them being taken down!

i could almost cry tears of suprise

ok, i’ll stop now.