Cyborg Maeda Atsuko Interests Me.

September 30, 2010

When word was out that Maeda Atsuko was going to have a significant role in an upcoming drama called ‘Q10’, I didn’t bat an eye.  It was probably bound to happen, with her consistent popularity.

It wasn’t until I came across this picture that I started to pay attention:

Yes, that is Atsuko: as a robot.  And yes, I fall into the undying cliche of finding robots endlessly fascinating, especially those in the form of attractive females.  From what I’ve gathered, the drama is about a high school boy who encounters a strange girl who is revealed to be a cyborg.  Expect shenanigans, hilarious oddities and awkward situations to unfold as the boy inevitably starts falling for the extremely cute android.

Rumor has it there will be a kiss scene between the two and it will, of course, make me an unreasonably harsh critic on the male actor who plays the protagonist.  I’m totally better looking and better suited to play the protagonist, but you know, whatever.

Robot girl played by an idol from my favorite girl group got my attention.  It premieres October 16th; hope there’s a team out there planning to sub this!

Here’s a short CM below:


kotodama no onnatachi: kojima haruna

August 9, 2010

the short series featuring No3b and their new single have started to come out; kojima haruna’s is below.

not exactly sure what’s going on, except the three girls are given tasks to fulfill and they go out and do them.  are they supernatural?  who are they?  what’s their purpose?

without translations, we’ll never know.  pretty damn funny though.

seriously rock n’ roll

July 18, 2010

i’ll admit it now, ‘majisuka rock n’ roll’ is one of my favorite songs from akb.  it’s easily overlooked because it’s just an opening song for the drama ‘majisuka gakuen’, but it’s a song i can hear over and over again.  it’s fast, fun, and upbeat while not relying on cheezy idol synths; it’s a nice departure from what we expect idol music to sound like, while still being idol music.

this performance is particularly great; it was the last song they performed as an encore at yokohama arena.  there’s tons of great little moments you can spot from the performers and the girls playing around in the background. find them all!

No3B new single and original drama

July 6, 2010

not only will no3b’s new 5th single will be the theme song of the original drama ‘kotodama no onnatachi’, which is a series of 5 minute episodes you can download on cellphone, but they will be starring in it as well.  watch the promo below:

note minegishi’s awesome hair and takahashi with jeans!

the single is scheduled for release on august 4th.