Cyborg Maeda Atsuko Interests Me.

September 30, 2010

When word was out that Maeda Atsuko was going to have a significant role in an upcoming drama called ‘Q10’, I didn’t bat an eye.  It was probably bound to happen, with her consistent popularity.

It wasn’t until I came across this picture that I started to pay attention:

Yes, that is Atsuko: as a robot.  And yes, I fall into the undying cliche of finding robots endlessly fascinating, especially those in the form of attractive females.  From what I’ve gathered, the drama is about a high school boy who encounters a strange girl who is revealed to be a cyborg.  Expect shenanigans, hilarious oddities and awkward situations to unfold as the boy inevitably starts falling for the extremely cute android.

Rumor has it there will be a kiss scene between the two and it will, of course, make me an unreasonably harsh critic on the male actor who plays the protagonist.  I’m totally better looking and better suited to play the protagonist, but you know, whatever.

Robot girl played by an idol from my favorite girl group got my attention.  It premieres October 16th; hope there’s a team out there planning to sub this!

Here’s a short CM below:


AKB48 is Serious about Internet Security

September 29, 2010

You should know that while AKB48 promotes fun, simple things like stores, clothes, and vegetable drinks, they also promote other interests…like internet security.

Watch this intensely shot CM for Kaspersky Lab’s security software featuring Maeda Atsuko:

If you need more security in your network, go ahead and pick this up; it’s endorsed by Maeda Atsuko and AKB48 research students, after all.

Or perhaps you’d want to pick this up along with a brand new NEC Lavie laptop computer, as promoted by the members of Watarirouka Hashiritai…in maid outfits:

If only they could have some awesome AKB promos to give away with these products, I bet they’d sell at least twice as many.

A6 delayed once again

July 9, 2010

team A’s new stage, A6 was announced to debut on june 19th.  on june 8th, it was announced that A6 was pushed to july 15.  now, it has been announced that the stage will come out on the 27th.

team K and team B have already begun their new stages, yet team A’s gets pushed back further and further.  wonder if it’s because of the tireless promotion and other obligations are keeping team A from getting enough practice; even if they’re not the star-studded group they once were, they still have maeda atsuko, takahashi minami and shinoda mariko who are the busiest when it comes to doing things outside of the theater. A6 is something i have been anticipating for some time, since it will be the first chance to see the newly shuffled team A perform together.

whatever is holding them back, i hope management knows what they’re doing.

“i’ve decided to dedicate my life to akb.”

March 31, 2010

this is what acchan(maeda atsuko) had declared on the mic, tears streaming down her face when she was announced #1 by fans in a senbatsu selection.

there was an interesting interview with maeda in a written article that was translated and posted on a forum a while ago that i found very interesting (translated by wazawai6318. thanks!).

it was different than any other i’ve read; there was something real and tangible that didn’t seem rehearsed or sugar-coated.  she was asked questions about when akb48 first debuted, and the tribulations the girls had gone through just to get started.  click to read more.

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The Next Step (Lesson 2)

December 12, 2009

If you need to catch up, here’s Lesson 1

So last time we talked, I had introduced you to Maeda Atsuko. She’s probably the most recognizable person in AKB48. She ofter gets center stage and is always featured. She was the first girl I immediately started recognizing and learned her name after that. If you’re having a bit of a time putting things together, here’s a video to help you out.

By this time, AKB48 had just released their next single and this is when I started taking AKB48 more seriously. It was a dangerously cute song. It displayed all the members and I began wondering who was who and which team they were from. It was impossible to tell but I began remembering certain girls as the girl in the yellow dress making a heart sign. Or the girl making a goofy face at a certain point. Seeing a boat load of smiling girls acting goofy just made me laugh. That is the kind of thing that I enjoy about this genre of music. The light hearted goofiness.

Here at this point, I only began to scratch the surface. I was leaving for Japan and little did I know I was about to see AKB48 live. That experience would really open the flood gates to really liking the group. It’s funny now going back to watch this video because, I pretty much can name every girl that makes an appearance. I can tell you which team she’s on, who she gets along with, her catch phrase she uses at live shows and give you most of their measurements.

I’m just kidding on that last part. But going back and watching this video it makes it a little sad and nostalgic. Some girls have moved on and graduated. Some girls who had bigger roles in the group of waned a bit in popularity and now take on smaller parts. When you start liking a idol group, part of your job as a fan is to put your support behind a girl. You hope that your positive feelings and emotions will help her succeed and earn her more fans.

I think this is a big part of being a fan of a girl group. This is a point when you become more deeply entrenched in supporting a member that is not necessarily the most popular. All the general fans know Maeda Atsuko. She’s the most popular and recognizable member. I really like Kobayashi Kana. She gets less air time. I think she is just as funny of goofy as the more popular members. Maybe she’s not as talented or not as skilled. But she can get better right? People don’t know her and to me she’s kind of like a diamond in the rough, an undiscovered talent. In a way, she’s more personally mine to support because I picked her out of a group of all amazingly cute girls. I think that’s a feeling a lot of fans get. It’s kind of a good feeling. Wishing someone the best and wanting them to succeed.

It’s not always the case. Some of my favorite members have come and gone. Some are still around but while it’s not officially a demotion, you can see that they’re not as prominent as they once were. New members are introduced to breath new life. They’re all ridiculously cute and some of them seem interesting enough. But this unfamiliarity is something that is hard to overcome. It’s something I’m exploring right now as AKB48 has gotten through it’s first major graduation. A lot of new members have been introduced and even more, the groups have been shuffled. It’s a lot for my to relearn and accept. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Next time, my first live show and Boku no Taiyo.


So What is AKB48? (Lesson 1)

December 3, 2009

Maybe you’ve been around and heard me talk about AKB48. You’ve heard that their a 48 member girl group divided up into three teams – Team A, Team K, and Team B.

Sure, now that you know that, what else? It’s kind of a daunting task to start listening to a group as large as AKB. It’s hard to pick out one of the members and become fond of their personality. It’s hard to distinguish between a bunch of cheerful energetic girls, but trust me, there’s a difference.

So I think the best way to start off your introduction to AKB is to recall how I myself started listening to them. The first AKB48 song I ever heard was Keibestu Shiteita Aijou. Even now I have trouble remember the song name. I remember watching this video and looking into a sea of black school uniforms. Actually, this isn’t even the whole group. For most of the singles release, there are only a few regulars who get picked to be featured in the single and/or the promotional video. Here is the video.

Now that you’ve seen the video, some things that I took out of it. The song is a little dark for my tastes. There’s a few references to suicide. There’s a uniformity and struggling to break out theme for the girls. The dancing is somewhat suggestive and also a little overly dramatic. I’m still unsure about how I feel about the flutes in the back ground. The video ends with kinda a haunting end and the girls looking back at you. It’s kinda creepy. Going back and watching it now, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to pick out each girl by name and kinda see their characters and how far they’ve come along. But back then, I was only able to notice a few that stood out. See if you can pick them out. You should look for them in the second verse after the first chorus ends at the 2:00 mark.

– There is a girl who looks exceptionally young. Her head is always akwardly tilted to the side .

– There is a girl who’s face is very intense. I remember being overwhelmed by her look.

– There is a girl who has short highlighted hair. One of the few brown haired girls. I thought she was really cute.

– There is another girl who is very cute and has short black hair.

She has a solo part where you only hear her voice. You eventually notice that she is pushed to the foreground multiple times and can be considered the “main” character. She was the first member I began to take notice of and eventually learned her name. Maeda Atsuko.

I’ll leave this lesson off here and continue another time.