NMB48 Members: Choose Your Favorite!

October 9, 2010

AKB48, SKE48, and SDN48 have a new ’48 group’ joining them: NMB48.  It was all surreal and full of  uncertainty when it was announced, but it’s become all the more concrete with television coverage of NMB48 auditions and the announcements of names who made the cut.

The NMB48 site has put up a members page with everyone, so you know the drill; time to pick your potential favorites and memorizing their names and nicknames!  The image below provides the members with their info, with the members I have hopes for circled in red:


Start your bets ladies and gentlemen.

September 11, 2010

NMB48 sounded weird when it was announced but with management fast-tracking the auditions and having a special televised insider look, it’s quickly becoming reality.  Out of thousands, they’ve whittled it down to a hundred and six.

The video below shows those chosen few below.

Warning: many of them look pretty rough:

Sure they look pretty humdrum, but I remember feeling the same way about SKE48 when they first started out so I’ve learned to hold my tongue.  I’m sure with some polish and amazing hair products, the twenty chosen to be part of NMB48 will clean up well.

Who will you be betting on to move to the final round?  Time to place your bets!

yasushi akimoto announces another “48” group

July 10, 2010

yasushi akimoto revealed his next ’48’ group:  NMB48, based in namba, osaka.

this brings up many questions and worries.  why another group?  why now?  his second venture, SKE48, has yet to have a team ‘E’, and he announces another group?  he either knows something we don’t, or he’s being hasty and reckless.  maybe i’m missing something but i haven’t seen much of a demand for new idol groups from yasushi.

what does this mean for the future?  will NMB members be appearing in AKB and SKE singles and take senbatsu spots in AKB elections?

all this means to me is that yasushi’s attention is going to be even more broken and  wide-spread; none of the groups will be getting as much attention as they need in this popular, but fragile, state.  damnit, i hope you know what you’re doing aki-P.