AKB48 Goes on an Uploading Spree.

September 30, 2010

I took a look at the official AKB48 Youtube channel today and was faced with nearly 20 new videos, uploaded just a few hours ago.  AKB used to do these short, little segments where they would act out a specific situation with the camera (the camera is usually the POV of a love interest), varying from tame(wishing a happy birthday) to blunt(requesting a kiss).  Whether you find them cute or strange, they were interesting projects and remind me now of the upcoming PSP game, which will probably be full of videos like these.

Here are a few that I picked out:

Miyazawa Sae and Ono Erena/”Congratulations”

Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino/”I like you”

You can see the rest at the official channel.



September 27, 2010

The day finally came.  She performed her last Team K performance on the 27th, and is now a graduate of AKB48, free to pursue other career options(which at the moment is being an actress).  She was arguably my favorite member from Team K, and man it’s gonna suck not seeing her featured in variety shows and performances.

Who will perform Tonari no Banana?

Or Wagamama na Nagareboshi?


Become a great actress so I can at least see you in some good films!

This better not be the last I hear of Ono Erena.

Shit just got Real: Ono Erena has a Graduation Date.

September 20, 2010

And that date is??  September 27th.

In just a little over a week’s time Ono Erena be an AKB48 alumni to focus on a film career.

Tokyo Hive had a translated blog entry from Ono to her fans:

“I have received many messages by fans since I announced my graduation at concert in July.  It was very warm, and I’m full of gratitude.  I will go abroad in October once to find where to live, and also to check out the school.  Therefore, my activities as AKB48 member will end after the performance on September 27th.  I am very sad not to be a member of AKB48 anymore, but I decided it thinking deeply.  I will come back to Japan as much better someday.  There will be a photobook and DVD of my graduation anniversary, so please look forward for it.  Thank you very much to everybody who supported Ono Erena of AKB48.  I will do my best as AKB48 until the end, please continue to support me!”

What’s AKB and team K going to be like without you?!

ono erena graduates this summer

July 11, 2010

jesus, this is weird news to wake up to.  ono erena is to graduate this summer, to study overseas and pursue an acting career.  an original member of team k, i always considered her to be indispensable to akb and assumed she would continue to be there for some time.

there are advantages and reasons for graduating young if you have a passion to pursue something else so it’s easy to respect her decision; i’m just going to be selfish for a while and lament this.

it was right when she changed her hair too, i should have seen this coming.  sigh.


June 19, 2010

“mayu-miho-pyon” represents the terrible trio of akb consisting of watanabe mayu, miyazaki miho and erena ono.  kind of like the three stooges, but cute.

(backstage of Shibuya AX)