‘Beginner’ CM reveals a few clips

September 29, 2010

I just pre-ordered two versions of AKB48’s upcoming single, ‘Beginner’, and coincidentally came across this little video giving me a preview of what to expect from the PV.  It gets curiouser and curiouser…


SCANDAL Dances in with Their Next Single

September 27, 2010

Scandal’s latest, ‘Nanka Buttobase’, has a PV out and I recently gave it a listen.

SCANDAL’s been on and off my radar since I’ve heard about them.  I was captivated by songs like ‘Space Ranger’ and ‘Doll’, but also felt bored or unsure about some of their other singles.  Their image also felt like it was in a constant flux, feeling down to earth and gritty initially, and then sporting a sterilized corporate look with their more recent PVs.

I’m not sure how I feel about ‘Nanka Buttobase’.  The rock attitude seems to be there, and the technical ability is there; but like many of their other songs, I don’t find myself loving their sound.  Many of their singles sound safe and restrained, like a baby-proofed room. I found myself loving some parts of the song, but turning completely off at the rest.

This PV shows something I haven’t seen from SCANDAL; synchronized dancing with their guitars.  I don’t recall them doing this before, and the result is something that almost feels more ‘idol-ish’ than a rock group.  The video shows SCANDAL performing in what looks like a vacant warehouse with a large group of men in the background engaging in some sort of face-off for the entire PV.  Like the song, the entire video shows a lot of shaking and movement while feeling completely static.

Are they a band meant to be heard live?  Am I missing something?  I’m just not feeling it.

SNSD debut single in japan

September 7, 2010

SNSD’s first single in japan came out, singing ‘genie’ in japanese with a brand new PV.

dance shot:

many people say they don’t like the militant-like precision of their synchronized dancing and formations, but i think it’s hypnotizing and great.  every dance movie is razor sharp and make even the most mundane movements look good.  that said, i’d love to see the girls dance without holding anything back; that’d be something amazing.  they’ve been in rigorous training for years before they were able to debut, yet it seems like they haven’t been given the liberty to showcase it to the fullest extent.  from what i’ve been hearing, it looks like SNSD has successfully debuted, and i’ll be looking to see how they do in their first day and week sales.

…but man, what a boring cover.

iiwake maybe?

August 19, 2010

hats off to these guys for doing a hilarious shot-for-shot remake of AKB48’s single Iiwake Maybe.

makes me wish i thought of it first.

i’d put up a youtube of the original PV if they weren’t all taken down as soon as they’re put up, so click here to see it.

watarirouka hashiritai does it again

August 7, 2010

i wasn’t a huge fan of their last song, ‘seishun no flag’, but their newest single won me over.

the song is called ‘Gyu’, a japanese onomatopoeia used for hugs, as is clearly shown in the PV below.:

let it sink in and play in your head for the rest of the day.  great PV.  nakagawa haruka as the happiest girl in the world, and ohta aika living up to her reputation as the tsundere queen stole the show.  they need more spotlighting in akb48.

heavy rotation PV

July 29, 2010

the song is sounding better each time i hear it.  i love the dance choreography.  the PV is fun, cute, and sexy.  UH-OH, i said the “s” word!

fun, cute and sexy except for people like atron who would probably be opposed to women walking around with their ankles showing had he been born during colonial america.  ’cause ankle-baring is downright hookerish.


‘tokyo girls’ style’ has potential

July 24, 2010

on july 21st, strong newcomers to the idol scene, ‘Tokyo Girls’ Style’, released their third single.

‘ganbatte itsudatte shinjiteru’

tokyo girls’ style was revealed in january of 2010, and they already established their presence by performing at the giant idol bash on Music Japan. they seem to have a pretty strong following already thanks to good exposure done by their label, Avex Trax, who is responsible for other artists like Gackt, Otsuka Ai, Hamasaki Ayumi and even Oshima Mai (graduated akb48 member).

i’ve found their songs so far to be cheerful, but very vanilla.  they’ll need to pull out songs with more punch soon if they want to grow.  because (like most idol groups that start out) all the members are extremely young, there is a deep reservoir of potential that is usually reached in a few years time as the members grow into better and mature performers.  reaching that potential is the hard part.  that’s the fun about following new groups i suppose: seeing them flourish and being able to say “i knew they would become big”.