SCANDAL Dances in with Their Next Single

September 27, 2010

Scandal’s latest, ‘Nanka Buttobase’, has a PV out and I recently gave it a listen.

SCANDAL’s been on and off my radar since I’ve heard about them.  I was captivated by songs like ‘Space Ranger’ and ‘Doll’, but also felt bored or unsure about some of their other singles.  Their image also felt like it was in a constant flux, feeling down to earth and gritty initially, and then sporting a sterilized corporate look with their more recent PVs.

I’m not sure how I feel about ‘Nanka Buttobase’.  The rock attitude seems to be there, and the technical ability is there; but like many of their other songs, I don’t find myself loving their sound.  Many of their singles sound safe and restrained, like a baby-proofed room. I found myself loving some parts of the song, but turning completely off at the rest.

This PV shows something I haven’t seen from SCANDAL; synchronized dancing with their guitars.  I don’t recall them doing this before, and the result is something that almost feels more ‘idol-ish’ than a rock group.  The video shows SCANDAL performing in what looks like a vacant warehouse with a large group of men in the background engaging in some sort of face-off for the entire PV.  Like the song, the entire video shows a lot of shaking and movement while feeling completely static.

Are they a band meant to be heard live?  Am I missing something?  I’m just not feeling it.


what happened?

April 17, 2010

i want to bring to light someone i consider invaluable to the korean music industry. Shin Jung Hyun.  born in 1938, he grew up during the japanese occupation.  his mother died at an early age, soon followed by his father by the age of 14.  shin moved to the big city seoul and taught himself to play the guitar.  by the age of 19 he was performing songs to US army troops in korea with the stage name “Jackie Shin”.  just 2 years later he was offered recording deals and had his own band, ‘Add 4’, by 1961.  they were the first rock band in korean history.  shin jung hyun;  the godfather of rock.

their songs were amazing, deep, and inspired.  they paved the way for future korean artists to explore with all the possibilities rock provided them.  so…what happened?

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